2014 we decided to walk from Sydney’s most northern beach, North Palm Beach, to Cronulla in the south, via the coast and inland waterways.

A swim at each beach and rockpool along the way to top it off. Lots of fun.

What a great trip!

What a great year!

Each weekend (or early in the year with daylight saving, sometimes a Friday late afternoon), we headed to the spot where we’d previously finished and continued making our way south. We tried to plan it so we could either shuttle using bikes or catch a bus. Only on one occasion did we need to resort to catching a taxi… it seems all buses from the beaches South of Bondi go through Bondi Junction to get back to the beach.

Each week we walked about 6 or 7 kilometres, which isn’t at all strenuous but does take a bit of time by the time you drive there, walk, swim 4 or 5 times, have a coffee or breakfast, get back to where you dropped off the car and then drive home. Especially initially… the northern beaches are a long way north!

See the Walking 2014 album from flickr here

Footnote: We flew over the route in 2015… photos here, video here.


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