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The Avenue of Europe, near Newington (Sydney Olympic Park)


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Beautiful Oxford. We were last here in 2016/17. Home of the University of Oxford, the oldest university in the English speaking world. And close to the more contemporary Macquarie University.

We need to get to Norfolk Island one day 🙂
Oxford’s changing. Unrecognisable to many from previous generations.

Meadowbank TAFE

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Meadowbank TAFE’s main entrance is on Blaxland Road near Top Ryde Shopping Centre, but the property extends all the way down the hill. Entering from that bottom gate reveals a great place for a walk through the various TAFE areas.

Forsyth Park at Neutral Bay, in the shade of Nth Sydney CBD.

Off leash dogs allowed when there’s no sport being played.

Community garden, historic (never used) oil containers for the war effort, playground and a bush path to enjoy.

Love Sydney.

Had a lovely walk around Parramatta Park.

No off leash areas, and the cafe was closed (!) but still, a good spot for a walk.

Fitting a new muzzle lead – she’s not impressed!
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Remember these? The attendant would place his foot on the lever to admit one person at a time through the turnstile.
Lovingly restored at the back of the new Parramatta Oval


Never knew Parramatta Park had so many bats!

Dawson Ave, Thornleigh

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Indie had a great romp in the fenced, off-leash dog park before we headed off for a walk.


There’s a great path right around the lagoon at Narrabeen on Sydney’s northern beaches.

A busy path, lots of walkers and bike riders.

7 or 8 kilometres.

Lachlan’s Line Helix Bridge

Posted: June 8, 2020 in Sydney

We’ve watched this helix pedestrian bridge take shape over the past year or so. It was built in a shed beside the M2 near Macquarie Centre and connects the new Lachlan’s Line development to Nth Ryde station.

Function doesn’t have to be boring. Love it.



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This weekend we went for a walk around Pyrmont.
A fascinating dip back into old Sydney, following The City of Sydney guide found here.


This is the guide we followed


This stunning view from Ways Terrace Flats, built by the City Council in the 1920s as workers’ affordable housing.


You know when you put 2 and 2 together and it clicks? Now we know why there’s a Quarryman Hotel at Pyrmont… we found the old quarry!


The original bit of the Electric Light station that remains near the Star casino.


Someone owns these old sites… yet they sit decrepitly, unused, uninhabitable.


ye olde Sydney Electric Light Company, adjacent to the Star casino


ye olde Sydney Electric Light Company, adjacent to the Star casino


Love the clothesline rope pulleys that come off everyone’s balcony or window at the Ways Terrace Flats.


Another City of Sydney walking tour through a history of Commercial & Retail Sydney

Down Martin Place where the Commonwealth Bank and original MLC building are, through the Grace Hotel which was requisitioned by General MacArthur in WWII, past the AWA Tower – “Sydney’s Eiffel Tower”, the beautiful Dymocks Building, State Theatre, Arthouse Hotel, Tattersall’s Building and more.