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Palermo, one of the main cities in Sicily. We’re looking forward to visiting in June this year, but in the meantime, Palermo Cl in Allambie Heights will have to do.



Posted: March 5, 2023 in Europe in Australia
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We visited England (well, London really) but next time we go to the UK we’re keen to get up to Scotland.

In the meantime, Edinburgh Rd in Castlecrag will have to do.


Posted: February 26, 2023 in Europe in Australia
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Last time we were in England (and the only time!), we didn’t really do much outside the city of London.

Next time we visit, we’re keen to visit the university city of Cambridge, a couple of hours north.

In the meantime, Cambridge St in Epping will have to do.

Very keen to get to Oslo, either in the dead of winter to experience that endless dark and cold, or the height of summer to experience the opposite.

In the meantime, a stroll down Oslo St in Marsfield will have to do!

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We went to Italy for a month a few years ago, and loved it.

This year we’re off to Sicily, and look forward to visiting Messina.

In the meantime, a gelato will have to do!

Rue St Jacques

Posted: August 8, 2021 in Europe in Australia
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On our first ever European trip in 2013, Robyn and I flew in to Paris and stayed at an apartment on Rue St Jacques, midway between the Sorbonne and Notre Dame Cathedral.

(Stuart Greene, we will never forget that recommendation!)

We were like school children, giddy with excitement.

Paris didn’t disappoint.

This Jacques at Chatswood didn’t quite measure up, but hey, who can complain about a walk in the Sydney sunshine during a winter COVID lockdown.

(And yes, legal; Chatswood is within our 10km travel bubble.)

The Cotswolds

Posted: August 8, 2021 in Europe in Australia

Loved our first trip to the Cotswolds.

Last week we snuck in for a (legal/within 10km) visit.

Some amazing houses – anyone who knows Strathfield, just off The Boulevard, will know what I mean.

$$ Kerching

A lovely walk this weekend to Buckingham Palace Rd.

Behind Killara golf course, a beautiful tree tunnel leads to a pretty street with some huge blocks.


Posted: July 24, 2021 in Europe in Australia
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Belgium Ave in Roseville is just beautiful.

Huge blocks, beautifully presented houses; one of the prettiest streets we’ve walked this year.

And how good that the local shop sells Lindt hot chocolate! When in Belgium…


Posted: July 3, 2021 in Europe in Australia

Lockdown. COVID numbers are up, so a local, socially distanced exercise opportunity with some of our children who were over on the continent visiting 🙂