We’re going to try to eat out at every different cuisine available on the planet over the next few years. While we could fill a good deal of the map already, we’re starting from scratch as of the start of 2016.
It’s good to have a back-up if we’re away and can’t do that weekend’s theme for whatever reason, or the weather’s terrible and we don’t really want to go for a walk or ride.

Apparently, determining how many countries there are is pretty difficult – it depends on how you define “country”.

195 Sovereign States According to the UN
206 Olympic Nations
209 FIFA Countries Eligible for the World Cup
249 Country Codes in the ISO Standard List

Bloody hell! Anyway, we’ll just colour in the map of the world as we go!


Vietnam (November 2016 Phuong at Willoughby)
Israel (May 2016 Cafe Shenkin at Marrickville)
Australia (April 2016 Orange F.O.O.D WEEK (Food of Orange District))
(April 2016 Le Bouchon at Crows Nest)
Thailand (March 2016 Thai Fusion at Milsons Point)
India (March 2016 Laughing Ganesha at Lane Cove)
 (Feb 2016 Italian Riviera Festival at The Opera House)

7 down 🙂
Damn it! Need to get in the habit of remembering to write these down!)