Week 17 ~ Q is for Quay – Circular Quay

Posted: April 26, 2015 in Sydney Harbour, Walking

ANZAC Day. I agree with many who argue this is our most significant day of the year.

We went down to Circular Quay to see the ANZAC images cast onto the pylons for the ANZAC centenary.


We were hoping to see the poppy park down at Circular Quay as well, but by the time we got there after the sunset ceremony it had been taken down. Bugga 😦

Earlier in the day we went into the city for my first (ever) ANZAC Day march. Not many of the old brigade left – a few who joined under the age of 16 still here from WWII.
Appreciative crowd, terrific bands from schools and clubs; I love that our national day of remembrance is not one that celebrates a glorious victory but rather the futility of war.

Late in the day we headed back into Martin Place for the sunset ceremony. Teaming rain, thunder, lightning, but on queue the rain stopped for a moving tribute to the fallen from all wars.



ANZAC images cast onto the Harbour Bridge


ANZAC images cast onto the Harbour Bridge


ANZAC images cast onto the Harbour Bridge


Representing all the diggers from WWI. A riderless horse with the boots in the stirrups facing backwards


Not many left now


4 5 6 7  8


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