Dry Dock Hotel

Posted: January 23, 2017 in Drinking at the local hotel
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The Dry Dock Hotel is the oldest licensed hotel in Balmain in Sydney’s inner west. It’s built on land originally granted to the surgeon Dr William Balmain made in 1800 by Governor John Hunter.

This heritage-listed hotel opened in 1857 and was built to serve the shipbuilding and associated industries of the local area

imageMort’s Dock, from which the pub takes its name, is a former dry dock, slipway, and shipyard. It was the first dry dock in Australia and opened in 1855. A plaque near the dock commemorates the corvettes that were built for WWII there before it closed in 1959.

img_8436A local hotel? We think so… it’s  tucked away, surrounded by housing, accessible only via very narrow, winding streets, and it has a lending library tucked away in the corner for the regulars.



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