Sir William Wallace Hotel

Posted: December 4, 2017 in Drinking at the local hotel

The aim of this year was to visit a local pub each week.

The Sir William Wallace hotel at Birchgrove is possibly the most local hotel we’ve been to this year.

After parking right out the front in a very residential area, away from the busy-ness of Balmain, Rozelle and other areas of Birchgrove, we walked in to The Wally to find a very traditional, pretty much unrenovated (heritage listed, built in 1879), tiled wall pub, heavy with timber and regulars.

Free pool on Sundays has possibly swelled the numbers from 7 to 10!

Fortunately, we sat beside the window, not in the seats that had to be vacated at 5 o’clock on Sunday for two regulars who have “their” table!

All in all, a terrific, old world pub full of period character.


  1. […] to Balmain… again! The Royal Oak is less than 200m from last week”s Sir William Wallace and a pub from much earlier in the year, The Dry Dock, emphasising just how many pubs there are in […]


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