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Kate Street is near Kissing Point Road and is a dead end street set amongst houses that are very similar to my grandmother’s house, all built probably around the early 1900s. Lots of huge gardens, huge trees, and a distinct lack of lawns owing to the shade and leaf letter.
At the end of Kate Street is Mimosa Oval and National Park or Forest that runs the whole way to Avondale Dam which is near Pymble ladies’ College.
There’s lots of Fox baiting going on in the area so Bailey didn’t do too much exploring.


Trent Rd runs into an industrial area at North Rocks. Bailey enjoyed a run through the bush at the end of the street, quiet on a Saturday afternoon.
I think it might be a bit busier on Sunday… the largest church compound we have ever seen is at the end of the road. Saesoon Presbyterian Church is a massive beast… hectares of land, thousands of square metres of buildings and car parks.

Judith St runs east from Wakehurst Parkway.
One of the streets coming off it is Waterview St. We didn’t notice it the first time we passed it, but when we got to the end we saw that some of the residents of Judith St have lovely views out over Manly.


Cameron is one of nephews who is getting married to Eliza next week, so a good time to walk Cameron St. on a glorious winter morning.

Birchgrove is a fabulous suburb, so close to the city with a wide range of off-leash dog parks with harbour access. We could very easily downsize to here.

As we’ve found in previous years, a great variety of little pubs and cafes too.


Keith St, Clovelly

Posted: June 3, 2018 in Sydney Streets
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Keith was Robyn’s father, a great man who I know treated me like his own.
His birthday was last week, and were he still alive he would have been 92.

Clovelly is a small suburb, so like all streets, it’s near the beach.

Bailey St, Newtown

Posted: May 22, 2018 in Sydney Streets
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Bummer! Bailey St, a funky little street that runs between Newtown and Enmore, doesn’t have a sign! Disappointing!
(Bailey is the dog BTW!)

It’s not far from The Courthouse Hotel though, so that’s a good thing!

The weekend of Mothers’ Day here in Australia – what better street to walk than Patricia; my mother-in-law who loved me and treated me like her own son.


You know that housing estate near Ikea on the way to the Olympic Stadium at Rhodes?
No? Nor did we 😉
Driven past Liberty Grove a million times without turning in.

Beautiful autumn morning for breakie and a walk through this estate to walk down Eliza Avenue, celebrating Eliza joining the family!

It’s a huge estate but surprisingly well set out – lots of parks, a few pools, tennis and basketball courts, a gym, and heaps of open space.

OK, I mightn’t want to live there, but I could. It would be a lot more densely built if it was opening in 2018, that’s for sure.

Kathy Close, Pymble

Posted: April 22, 2018 in Sydney Streets
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It would seem that many streets that take a person’s name are typically very small, often cul-de-sacs. Kathy Cl is no exception. A tiny little street off Bobbin Head Rd.

Close by is Bannockburn Oval, with bush tracks and the like making it a lovely place for a walk with the hound.

Playing around with the Street View app – quite fun.
Compare the image below to what you see in Google Maps when you search for Kathy Cl Pymble in Google Maps


How cool to find both of our maternal grandmothers, Ada (Kelly) and Amy (Hogan), have streets in the same inner Sydney suburb! An easy walk from one to the other and back.

Makes sense I guess… they are both “older” type names, and Erskinville, being so close to the CBD, is one of those older suburbs.

Typically inner Sydney – narrow streets, lovely small parks tucked into odd shaped allotments, an eclectic mix of old, new, renovated and funky.

We finished with breakfast at Bitton Cafe at nearby Alexandria, where we went in 2013, the first year we began this whole weekend thing.

Now, to find a suburb with both Ronald and Clarence Streets to complete this little side project 🙂