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Huskisson to Valentia

Posted: November 30, 2020 in dogs, Walking


We walked the beachside path (no off leash) from Huskisson to Valentia and back.

4km level path. Lovely 🙂

Parramatta Lake

Posted: May 23, 2020 in dogs
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So this weekend, very excited… cafes are back opening so we went for breakfast at Parramatta and then headed over to North Parramatta where we did a loop track around the lake.

Wikipedia says:

  • The masonry arch-walled dam was completed in 1856 to supply water for domestic purposes
  • The dam was the twelfth engineered dam built since Roman times
  • the first engineered dam in Australia
  • the second arch built dam universally that involved calculations for its construction.

Wow. Who knew?

About 5 km

Can’t keep the dog out of the water!


From The Dictionary of Sydney, a well put together self-guided heritage walk of Sydney’s oldest municipality.

Based on Randwick City Council’s heritage plaques program, an app contains information on the best historical buildings and sites in Randwick.

Randwick’s pretty high… imagine the views to the ocean 100 years ago.

The Verger’s residence… I can’t help but see Alice from The Vicar of Dibly.

The Coach and Horses… my uncle spent a little too much time here each day.

There are beautiful rows of terraces in this old suburb.

The Presbyterian Church is nothing to look at from the outside.

So easy to take things like water from a tap for granted. The first public fountain in Randwick

Captain Cook

Abbotsford. We’ve walked through here a few times, but not with an eye on history.

We followed the Canada Bay council walk which was well set out.

We discovered that the Nestle factory house (older people will know the one I mean)  was once owned by A.E. Grace of Grace Bros., Abbotsford had a baths, an animal quarantine establishment operated here and that Henry Lawson lived in Abbotsford for a while.


We’ve been through here before but had forgotten the rich history. Sydney had a quarantine station for farm and domestic animals as well as for race horses.


Horse stalls



Probably an old punt location between Abbotsford and Gladesville


Waterfront living in Abbotsford.  Just because you live on the water doesn’t mean you can afford to do anything with the site. Asset rich, cash poor.

Sydney Rowers.

Robyn’s mother was a Kelly before marrying Keith Bender. We walked Ada St, Erskinville, early in the year.

Henley is a beautiful little pocket on the water just west of the Gladesville Bridge.

Some gorgeous old and new houses with views over the water east towards the city and west down the Parramatta River.

The historic Henley Baths used to be at the end of Kelly St… well, that’s what I’m guessing… buggered if I can find anything about them, but they are on Google Maps!

Sam, Susan and Henry’s father is Gavin.

On the northern edge of Cherrybrook, abutting the bush, lies Gavin Place.

Patricia Place

Posted: October 20, 2018 in Sydney Streets
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Robyn’s mum was Patricia.
We’d already walked her street, but we could hardly be expected to walk past another?!


Wendy Mews, Chirnside Park (VIC)

Posted: October 14, 2018 in Sydney Streets
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Wendy is Robyn’s aunt, Patricia’s sister.

We were in Melbourne for the weekend visiting Wendy, so after breakfast we went for a drive and walked Wendy Mews, not far from where she lives on Melbourne’s fringe.
Not an overly taxing walk… Wendy Mews is about 30 metres long.

It’s in a brand new estate with many houses yet to finishing their landscaping.

Gorgeous morning for a walk with good company.


Lynne Place, Hornsby

Posted: September 23, 2018 in Sydney Streets
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What to do? Go with the given name (Lynne St) or what Lynne is known by (Charlie Close near Wet ‘n Wild, Sydney or Charlie St at Middleton Grange). In the end we settled for Lynne St, Hornsby, which we walked with friends Tracie and Mal.

Like many streets with a given person’s name, Lynne St is pretty short, as evidenced by the panorama I took using the Google St view app.

It’s often not until you walk around streets that you realise where you are in relation to other locations you know well – like the Golf Driving Range at Thorneigh we could see (in the pic below.)

A gorgeous early spring day for a walk in Sydney this weekend. Sun’s out, blue sky; just perfect.

Georgia and Anthony are my brother’s children and it was nice to find that Anthony Road in Castle Hill and Georgia Terrace in Kellyville are both fairly close to each other so it made sense to walk the two of them in the one go.

Lots of large McMansions in Kellyville; new houses are are the first ones built on new sub-divisions.

Anthony Rd, though, totally different. Older weatherboards that will not be there for much longer as the suburb changes markedly with the building of the new rail connection.