Week 1 ~ A is for Alter Peter

Posted: January 9, 2015 in Walking
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This first weekend of 2015 we are in Munich; a few weeks into our holiday after arriving in Berlin, then travelling through Dresden, Prague, Vienna and into Salzburg where we spent New Year.

As you might know, our theme for weekends in 2015 is to do something each weekend starting with a letter of the alphabet, from A to Z and back again.

Alter Peter, Munich. Photo: metaljar

Alter Peter, Munich.
Photo: metaljar

Munich. M… no good, nor is G for Germany, (B)eer, (H)ofbrouhous, (W)alking or (S)ightseeing.

However, a significant church in Munich’s Old Town (Aldstat) is St Peter’s Church with a tower affectionately referred to as Alter Peter (Old Peter). It’s the oldest church in the district, and a church has been on this site since the 8th Century.

We payed our 2€ and climbed the couple of hundred stairs to the top of the 91 metre high tower and were rewarded with fantastic views across Munich’s skyline.


View from Alter Peter Photo: metaljar

I just love the way so many of Europe’s skylines are so different to Australia’s in that they are pretty much devoid of sky scrapers and the way the Old Towns are preserved as areas without towers.


View from Alter Peter Photo: metaljar

A great start to our year of the alphabet 🙂


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