Week 2 ~ B is for Bahn

Posted: January 21, 2015 in Transport
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Berrelling along at 300 km/h Photo: metaljar

Berrelling along at 300 km/h
Photo: metaljar

So this weekend we caught a train from Cologne in Germany (Köln) to Annecy in France. After driving our hire car for about three weeks, we handed our car back in to Europcar at Cologne, looking forward to going on our first ever real train journey together

Photo: metaljar

Photo: metaljar

A train in Germany is called a Bahn. Train stations are Bahnhoffs (the main station in a city is called a Hauptbahnhoff).

We caught the Thalles Bahn from Cologne to Paris, rocketing along at about 300 km/h, then changed trains (and stations) in Paris to catch a slower regional train through the mountains south to Annecy.

Photo: metaljar

Photo: metaljar

Our arrival in Paris coincided with the French Charlie Hebdo rally, so we were very concerned that we wouldn’t make the connection. Made it with a good 5 minutes to spare.


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