Week 30 ~ D is for Darlington Village

Posted: July 23, 2015 in Inner West

imageDarlington is a small, inner-city suburb of Sydney, about 3 kilometres south of the CBD
The first significant white fella there was William Shepherd, a botanist who started a nursery garden. He named it Darling Nursery and so street names like Ivy, Vine, Rose, Pine and Myrtle are pretty self explanatory.

Many thanks to Clover Moore for tying the launch of the upgraded Darlington Village streetscape into our theme this weekend – perfect timing for “D”. Garden beds, trees, seats and lights along the widened footpaths make it nice for pedestrian visitors like us 🙂

To be perfectly honest, a bit of a dud ceremony – if Clover ever showed and occupied her security guard guarded parking spot, we missed it.

Still, a beautiful day for a walk around Redfern, the back of Eveleigh etc. and a coffee in the sun.





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