Week 31 ~ E is for Ermington bike path

Posted: August 2, 2015 in bicycle

A beautiful Sydney winter’s day for a bicycle ride.

Parramatta council have done a great job building a terrific, wide, level (well it does follow the river) bike path along the Parramatta River.

We drove down to the end of Wharf Road (those who know the area, turn down to the river at Putt Putt at West Ryde) and rode west towards Parramatta through the bottom of Ermington up to James Ruse Drive, before turning back and heading to Meadowbank Park where we watched Matt play soccer. Double back to Wharf Road to complete the ride.

The old Nissan huts where Silverwater Road crosses the river are long gone… what they’re building there is surprisingly inviting, and with the currently being built addition of a riverside eat strip, we’ll definitely be back.

What a great afternoon. Looking forward to a different loop next time, probably down the other side of the river through Olympic precinct and over the old train bridge across the river… have only ever run that, not ridden.





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