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Sunday. Went to church.


Posted: May 2, 2021 in Cafe, dogs, Europe in Australia
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Beautiful part of France, up near WWI fields.

Easy to see why Romeo found Juliet’s so easily. It’s the only one in the whole street!

Verona Drive, Wentworth Point (Rhodes)

My last day of work in the city.

We celebrated with morning tea in Vienna.

Pooped! Absolutely exhausted. A hell of a walk this weekend!


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So this weekend, amidst the torrential rain the east coast was experiencing, we headed to Paris to eat indoors.

God it’s been wet!!!!

Jordan, a fascinating country.
Friendly people, great food, Petra, the Dead Sea, red desserts…

One of the great takeaways from our trip to Jordan in 2018 was the stairs.
Everywhere! Some things never change!

A beautiful town near Avignon, famous for its beautiful Roman amphitheater.
Those Romans sure were busy!

So this weekend, we went to Greenwich.

Some things have changed… there wasn’t an IGA last time we were here… but I’m pleased to report the Prime Meridian remains.


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3 years to the day since we farewelled Tom before he headed off to study and live in Berlin.
We were overdue for a catchup, so we’re back! Hi Tom!

Darling St, Balmain
3 years ago to the day