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Go the Aussies!

Next time we’re in England at Christmas time, keen to see a rugby match.

Until then, Twickenham Cl in Normanhurst will have to do.


Palermo, one of the main cities in Sicily. We’re looking forward to visiting in June this year, but in the meantime, Palermo Cl in Allambie Heights will have to do.

Very keen to get to Oslo, either in the dead of winter to experience that endless dark and cold, or the height of summer to experience the opposite.

In the meantime, a stroll down Oslo St in Marsfield will have to do!

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We went to Italy for a month a few years ago, and loved it.

This year we’re off to Sicily, and look forward to visiting Messina.

In the meantime, a gelato will have to do!

We are really keen to visit Gallipoli in the next few years. A definite bucket list item.

In the meantime, a stroll down Gallipoli St in Concord will have to do!

Who knew there was a little gin palace in Gladesville, in an industrial estate behind Bunnings?

Not us!

In Roselle, an area undergoing a transformation as the Sydney Metro comes to its door, is the While Bay Brewing Company. Dog friendly, great range of beers, Sunday arvo music… nice 🙂

So what happens when a group of northern beaches soccer dads get together and compare their home brews?

Seventh Day brewing… sounds a bit churchy! But it’s just a great little brewery at Brookvale.

Free public transport in Sydney over Easter, so we took the chance to travel on the light rail from Circular Quay to Randwick, then back towards central to go to Reuben Hills cafe for a coffee and cake.

Look, it can’t always be about alcohol!

So this weekend we visited a local artisan French baker in Ryde.

Coco Cannelle in North Ryde.

Just like being in France, and if the queue out the door to buy on a Saturday morning is any indication, everything they have here is pretty special!