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This weekend we took advantage of the bubble and ducked over to New Zealand (St Parramatta).

A lovely weekend in Aotearoa!


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Broome is closer to Europe than Sydney, so we took the opportunity to duck over to the continent and visit Lyon 🙂


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A lovely walk around Amalfi this afternoon.

Must be getting fitter – didn’t notice the hills at all this time.

Amalfi Drive, Wentworth Point (Rhodes)

Sunday. Went to church.


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So this weekend, amidst the torrential rain the east coast was experiencing, we headed to Paris to eat indoors.

God it’s been wet!!!!


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3 years to the day since we farewelled Tom before he headed off to study and live in Berlin.
We were overdue for a catchup, so we’re back! Hi Tom!

Darling St, Balmain
3 years ago to the day

A bit cooler than last time we were here. And fewer restaurants… must be COVID


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Beautiful Oxford. We were last here in 2016/17. Home of the University of Oxford, the oldest university in the English speaking world. And close to the more contemporary Macquarie University.

We need to get to Norfolk Island one day 🙂
Oxford’s changing. Unrecognisable to many from previous generations.

We decided to stay in France this weekend, and re-visited lovely Avignon.

Auburn – Duck River

Posted: January 1, 2021 in dogs, Walking

The council has done a pretty good job at creating a walk along the Duck River. Level, wide, good access. Will be better when the river continues to get cleaned up, but until then… really?… people fishing? Glad I’m not going to his place for a BBQ!