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There’s a fine line between vintage and crap – it would seem there are plenty of people who don’t know the difference.

There’s also a MASSIVE difference between vintage/second hand/old//crap/broken and what constitutes a bargain!

$hit! I’m never throwing anything out again EVER!

Deliciopus start to the day at, an old electrical substation transformed into a cafe with a snug interior and a cute courtyard.We enjoyed a delicious start to the day at The Substation Cafe ,  an old electrical substation transformed into a cafe with a snug interior and a cute courtyard. Mediterranean influenced food, great coffee, friendly staff, good service.

We’ll be back 🙂

We went for a walk to the Mitchell Road Antique and Design Centre. It’s a warehouse packed with vintage and retro stuff – not really antiques. It appears to be divided into sections – I imagine that each section is sub-let to a different stall-holder.

This was followed by a short stroll to Lunatiques. Love the name 🙂

I was like a trip back to our grandparents’. We found ourselves at every turn saying either

  1. Mitchell Rd antique and Design Centre, look at that, I used to have these (ie remember those roller skates that laced up and the length was adjustable via a wingnut under the sole?)
  2. IMG_1306Remember Gran used to have these? (cue the laminated kitchen table) or
  3. Mitchell Rd antique and Design Centre throwing that away/giving that to Vinnies?What a trip down memory lane!





Holy Crap! This little anvil, about the size of a rolled up sleeping bag – $1200! What would the one i have in the back yard be worth? No wonder the boys argue about who gets it when i die!!


Desk made from an aeroplane wing, anyone?

IMG_1301 IMG_1319 IMG_5036 IMG_5037