Georgia Terrace, Kellyville

Posted: September 9, 2018 in Sydney Streets
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A gorgeous early spring day for a walk in Sydney this weekend. Sun’s out, blue sky; just perfect.

Georgia and Anthony are my brother’s children and it was nice to find that Anthony Road in Castle Hill and Georgia Terrace in Kellyville are both fairly close to each other so it made sense to walk the two of them in the one go.

Lots of large McMansions in Kellyville; new houses are are the first ones built on new sub-divisions. New parks being built to cater for the increasing number of children who have nowhere to play in their own backyards – a lot of these houses have a huge footprint and sit on smaller blocks.

Very different to Anthony Rd, which has a lot of older weatherboards that will not be there for much longer as the suburb changes markedly with the building of the new rail connection.


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