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Stephen St, Balmain

Posted: November 12, 2018 in Sydney Streets

Lovely part of the world.

From down by the western overseas cruise terminal, Stephen St runs up towards the iconic London Hotel.


Conveniently located just near the Cascade Brewery, this road is on the edge of Hobart, the streets above dotted with new, modern (probably expensive) houses.

Richard Street, Greenwich

Posted: October 27, 2018 in Sydney Streets

Richard is Robyn’s late uncle, Wendy’s husband, our children’s great uncle. Emphasize great – a terrific fella who, with Wendy, really got family –  came to all our children’s 18ths, 21sts and the like – didn’t miss a single significant event.

Greenwich is a lovely harbour hugging Sydney suburb, and Richard Street is right on the harbour. Lovely views, very quiet, and a terrific wharf for your dog to swim from!


Lauren Close, Cherrybrook

Posted: October 20, 2018 in Sydney Streets

Lauren! Our beautiful daughter! We finally got around to walking your street! Hooray!!
At the northern end of Cherrybrook, towards Pennant Hills, Lauren Close abuts the bush.
Typical of many streets that take their name from a person, Lauren Close is a tiny cul de sac. Neatly kept houses in an aspirational suburb.

Sam, Susan and Henry’s father is Gavin.

On the northern edge of Cherrybrook, abutting the bush, lies Gavin Place.

Philip Place

Posted: October 20, 2018 in Sydney Streets

John’s father was known as Barry, but was his name was Philip.

Patricia Place

Posted: October 20, 2018 in Sydney Streets
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Robyn’s mum was Patricia.
We’d already walked her street, but we could hardly be expected to walk past another?!