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Saturday afternoon we headed out to Lavender Bay, near North Sydney, to walk from there around the foreshore to Luna Park. Historically typical of foreshore land being used for industry in the past couple of centuries, as recently as 2005 small ships were still being built at a boat shed there on land that is now a mixture of apartments worth millions of dollars and beautiful grass parkland (with brides at every turn!) 1 We parked at Blues Point Tower (what a great spot to watch the fireworks on New Year’s Eve)


Stairs leading down to the foreshore at Lavender Bay

Boat building, baths, welding, slipways... such recent history

Boat building, baths, welding, slipways… such recent history


The path is populated with these whimsical characters/statues/caricatures.


Picnic ground out the back of Luna Park


And then a hot chocolate at the Lindt Cafe. 95 days after that December morning, thousands of people came, not to gawk I believe, but to just quietly make sure these bastards don’t win.

8 Wendy Whitely, Brett Whiteley’s widow, has a garden down that way… might file that idea away for W


We flew home from Europe over the weekend after spending Saturday in Zurich.

We went to a flea market (damn… should have bought that second hand sled we saw!) on the way to our City Walking Tour of the Old Town in the morning.

Photo: metaljar

We met Ivan, our guide, at 11am and with about 15 in our group, set off in wet, snowy rain. We saw a few things we wouldnt have seen and learnt a bit about Zurich from Ivan, who is a Bulgarian student who has been studying in Zurich for about 5 years.

Photo: metaljar

Photo: metaljar

He showed us The Wasserkirche (Water Church), a pretty little church which is a bit back from the river but, when built, would have been right on the water. It has the blackest stained glass windows we have ever seen. The centre panel depicts Christ as would be expected, but the two panels either side depict ordinary Swiss life and track the birth, growth, life and death of a person in Zurich

old town 1

Photo: metaljar

photo: metaljar

Photo: metaljar

We had planned to spend the afternoon doing a scenic boat trip on the lake and catching the train up the mountain overlooking Zurich. However, rain and mist and fog saw us change this plan, so we caught a local tram up the hill to near the zoo where we enjoyed a drink in a cafe with the snow falling steadily… Lovely!

That night we flew overnight to Singapore Changi airport for a 2 hour stopover for a quick bit of duty free shopping before overnighting to Sydney, arriving Monday morning 7am.

Back in Australia and able to properly plan, now, for next weekend’s D and beyond.

Oh, and by the way, some boy band joined our plane in Changi, quickly making their way straight to First Class. What a shame they were called The Vamps and not something starting with C!