Weekend #6 means something starting with the letter F.

Neither of us had ever caught the ferry up the Parramatta River beyond Meadowbank.

Photo: metaljar

Photo: metaljar

We parked the car at Meadowbank and caught the 9am ferry up the river, past Rhodes (no ferry stop there… all that new high rise? Why not?), a stop at The Armory near the Olympic site near Silverwater (great cafe and [crowded] playground there BTW) and then a slower (7 knots – no wash) trip up to Parramatta going past Clyde, the back of UTS and past Rydalmere.

Breakfast at the cafe right at the ferry terminus and then a ferry back an hour later. Nice way to start the day.


Photo: metaljar

Just a thought, though…
It’s a beautiful, cloudless summer’s day. The ferry is heading from Parramatta to the city. Do you think there might be a lot of people catching it in to spend the day in the city at Darling Harbour and Circular Quay? Especially on the $2.50 Opal card Sunday fare.

The ferry was chockers by the time it picked up another hundred on the wharf at Meadowbank. It will have then cruised stright past all and sundry at Putney and Gladesville etc. We know… we’ve watched the ferry go straight past us before.

Come on Gladys, there’s a creative solution to this problem. Please put some thought into it.

IMG_3692 Looking up the river
 IMG_3690 Near Armory Wharf
IMG_3691 Heading towards Parramatta
IMG_3695 Breakfast at Port Bar Cafe
IMG_3689 #JustWashedMyHair

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