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Go the Aussies!

Next time we’re in England at Christmas time, keen to see a rugby match.

Until then, Twickenham Cl in Normanhurst will have to do.



Posted: March 5, 2023 in Europe in Australia
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We visited England (well, London really) but next time we go to the UK we’re keen to get up to Scotland.

In the meantime, Edinburgh Rd in Castlecrag will have to do.


Posted: February 26, 2023 in Europe in Australia
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Last time we were in England (and the only time!), we didn’t really do much outside the city of London.

Next time we visit, we’re keen to visit the university city of Cambridge, a couple of hours north.

In the meantime, Cambridge St in Epping will have to do.

We are really keen to visit Gallipoli in the next few years. A definite bucket list item.

In the meantime, a stroll down Gallipoli St in Concord will have to do!


Posted: July 14, 2022 in buy local
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A local coffee roaster at Hornsby, on the “old” side of the line.


This cafe in Parramatta, just south of the train station, roasts its own coffee and does a delicious breakfast.

Look, it can’t always be about alcohol!

So this weekend we visited a local artisan French baker in Ryde.

Coco Cannelle in North Ryde.

Just like being in France, and if the queue out the door to buy on a Saturday morning is any indication, everything they have here is pretty special!

Another microbrewer in Marrickville this weekend.

Batch has a couple of outlets, this one in Marrickville was their first brewery.

A constantly changing range of beers to enjoy.

No kitchen, but a pizza truck out the front on the day we visited.

Dog friendly 🙂

The Bald Rock Hotel is an historic pub in the suburb of Rozelle, down near White Bay in the shadow of the Anzac Bridge in the Inner West of Sydney.

Wikipedia says that Bald Rock was originally a suburb within Balmain.

The hotel was built in 1876 and was a lot closer to the harbour when first built; subsequent landfill means it’s now a bit further from the water.

The Bald Rock is sandstone inside and out and is heritage-listed.

It retains much character and is a favourite of locals in an area that used to have a pub on nearly every corner but has in this last generation become more gentrified and where community gardens and parks now flourish.

ANOTHER gorgeous Sydney spring day for a walk along another part of the Parramatta River… we’ve walked through the grounds of the old Gladesville Hospital before, but not this year.
Great to catch up with son Matt, who lives in Gladesville, for a coffee while we were there  🙂