Back to the letter A again 🙂

Westmead Kids’ Hospital (The Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children Hospital at Westmead, near Parramatta) runs an annual art competition for school children. From the thousands of entries, the best 50 are selected and framed and displayed on the walls of the corridors of the wards.

This has been happening for years, and as a result there’s hundreds of paintings that brighten the walls and corridors for the hundreds of sick kids and their parents, some of whom spend months and months within the confines of the hospital.

Even tough this year’s competition hasn’t been judged, we enjoyed what we saw from previous years.


This gorgeous Panda is a collage pasted onto newsprint.


My Daddy is a lady beetle




Afterwards, we dropped in to Parramatta Park for a coffee at Lachlan’s Cafe.IMG_0703Crap coffee, nice spot though.


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