Week 46 ~ T is for a Train ride

Posted: November 15, 2015 in Transport
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Gotta love Sydney’s Opal cards – $2.50 travel all day on a Sunday.

We headed to Hawkesbury River – the train station near Brooklyn just where the road to Gosford crosses the Hawkesbury River.

We had breakfast at the Tuckshop cafe and then went for a walk around Brooklyn.

We had no idea there was so much history there…

  • Governor Philip was exploring the area within months of arriving in Sydney in 1788
  • The rail bridge was the final piece in the Trans Continental Railway. Originally built in 1889, it linked Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and was a major engineering feat at the time.
  • There was an anti aircraft station set up there to protect the rail bridge from any Japanese activity in WWII

It’s also where RW Corkery, the company our daughter Lauren works for in Orange, has an office, so good to see where she works from time to time and put a face to the name.


The train was on time – a good start to the morning!


Brooklyn train station









Another coffee at the marina before we left.



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