A workmate of Robyn’s knows a helicopter pilot.
Through her, John from HeliScenic helicopter tours out of Bankstown Airport had offered us a great deal on a flight over the beaches, from Palm Beach in the north down to Cronulla, following the walk along the coast we did last year.
What a great week H!

Until John rang early Saturday morning as we were heading out to Bankstown, advising us that the low cloud meant we wouldn’t have the best experience and that we should postpone. Spending a small fortune for anything less than 100%… pretty easy decision… we postponed.

While sitting at a cafe in Eastwood having a coffee, a few suggestions from friends included

  • a trip to Hurstville
  • a visit to Palm beach to see the set of Home and Away (noice work, Mark Williamson!)
  • High tea
  • Haberfield
  • Hazelbrook
  • Hogwarts
  • Hang gliding or Hover crafting on the Hawkesbury
Photo: metaljar

Photo: metaljar

UTS Rowers has rebuilt the clubhouse at Haberfield, so we headed over there on Sunday morning for breakfast.

A pretty limited menu in a venue that is so obviously run by people who run a club, not a cafe or restaurant!
Here’s a few tips for the good folks at UTS Rowers Club…

  1. When you enter and sign in, offer a coffee when you stand there, point and say “Sit anywhere you want.:
  2. Approach said people sitting there and tell them the reason you are being completely ignored is because you need to order from the bar.
  3. Offer a menu! (“They’re at the bar. Help yourself”)
  4. Offer a bottle of water. (“At the bar. Help yourself”)
  5. Just because I’m wearing a fetching pink polo shirt, ha e a look before walking up to the table and declaring “Hello ladies. Everything all right?”

A great deck to sit, eat, drink and watch the world go by, but we won’t be hurrying back. There’s better value and experiences all over the inner west.

Photo: metaljar

Photo: metaljar



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