After a fabulous wedding where Nic and Jo said “I do” we needed to head over to Erskinville to pick up a car that was left there in The Great Clear Family Wedding Car Shuffle. We made our way there, during Sydney’s terrific first day of autumn afternoon downpour, via Enmore for some Ice cream.

There’s so many great Gelato cafes through the inner west, including a previous favourite, n2 extreme gelato  Check it out – very cool how they just add liquid nitrogen to a liquid mix and create instant ice cream. We didn’t go there, however… time for something new 🙂 Across the road from the iconic Enmore Theatre in King St is Cow and Moon, purveyors of THE BEST ICE CREAM IN SYDNEY. Yep, big claim, so check this link.

Image: metaljar

Image: metaljar

A great range of amazing flavours. $6.50 for a medium cup with 3 flavours… that’ll do! Cointreau, Hazelnut Roche, Afogato, Banana and Salted Caramel, Apple Lemon and Blood Orange Sorbet, Popcorn, Pistachio, Coconut and Hazelnut Roche, Hazelnut and Italian Nougat, Jaffa, traditional Lemon Sorbet, Mixed Berry and Chocolate Sorbet… bloody good!

Image: metaljar

Image: metaljar

We wandered along Enmore Road while we ate, and washed our sticky hands under the dripping downpipe of the Enmore.

Image: metaljar

Image: metaljar

So, on to J… no real thoughts at the moment!


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