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There’s Kissing Points everywhere…
Fun fact: Historically, when a boat needed to have work done on the keel, the owner would float it up onto a sandy point at high tide and let the keel “kiss” the sand. Then when the tide went out, they could work on the boat.

We had to be up at Robyn’s work at Pymble on Saturday morning, so we had breakie at the Vertical Espresso cafe at Kissing Point Rd in Turramurra and then went for a walk through Lane Cove National Park between Turramurra and North Epping.

Beautiful Sydney spring morning. Great start to the weekend.

Vertical Espresso

Vertical Espresso

Didn't realize how close to Epping North we were

Didn’t realize how close to Epping North we were

First time I've ever seen a beehive like this

First time I’ve ever seen a beehive like this

Hard to believe we are only 16 km from the Sydney CBD

Hard to believe we are only 16 km from the Sydney CBD

Hard to believe we are only 16 km from the Sydney CBD

Hard to believe we are only 16 km from the Sydney CBD

Hard to believe we are only 16 km from the Sydney CBD

Hard to believe we are only 16 km from the Sydney CBD

On a frosty Sydney winter’s morning, we went to Breakfast Point in Sydney’s Inner West for breakfast at Olive Kitchen.

Delicious 🙂

I had the Italian style baked eggs with tomatoes and other fare in a cast iron pan – a difficult choice from a good menu.



olive kitchen


Right at the end of Harris St (no. 1 Harris), by the water at Pyrmont, is the Zebra Lounge.

We had a beautiful breakfast there – delicious food and fantastic presentation. Coffees were a bit slow, but otherwise, can highly recommend it.

This Jackson’s landing area has been really nicely done so it’s a great place to have a wander afterwards.

This site has some history about the area, and its links to CSR, and there’s a fabulous photo gallery as well.






Damn! NEXT weekend we are going to Orange.

Orange Grove Public School in the heart of Lilyfield, has fabulous markets every Saturday morning. Every few weeks we have driven past these markets on our way to do something else, and this weekend we eventually got around to going. Beautiful fresh produce. Go there! IMG_0182

Screenshot (71)


Beautiful fresh flowers




Easter, and an opportunity to enjoy the company of Phil and Jill Walker, friends from Canberra and the brains behind this year’s alphabet theme.

After 2 days of solid rain, the sun came out and a chance to enjoy a lovely breakfast at Ripples Cafe at Chowder Bay before heading towards Neutral Bay to walk around Cremorne Point and show off the most beautiful kilometre this city has to offer.

Chowder Bay

Chowder Bay


Ripples Cafe at Chowder Bay


Georges Head, with the city in the background.


Georges Head, with South Head in the background.


Georges Head, with the city in the background.


Cremorne Point, such a beautiful spot so close to the Harbour Bridge and city


Cremorne Point has beautiful gardens, some established years ago by some of the local residents and maintained now by the council.


And this, just a kilometre or so from the heart of the city.


A beautiful morning after 2 solid days of rain


Lighthouse at the end of the point, looking towards the Heads


Near Cremorne Ferry Wharf


The western shore of the path, facing The Bridge

Addison Rd Marrickville, hosts weekly markets each Sunday.


Love a market with plenty of tasting plates


Delicious produce from near and far – bought some pears from Batlow


Delicious food, interesting stalls with lots of organic and vegan friendly produce.

However, I’m reminded of a Calvin and Hobbes (Waterson) cartoon.

I know “one person’s trash is another’s treasure”, but boy, there’s some crap for sale!

The Bowerbird is the trash and treasure

The Bowerbird is the trash and treasure


Yep, 2nd hand paint. Now that’ll be handy. Colour doesn’t matter anyway!

IMG_0144 IMG_0138 IMG_0146

Image: metaljar

Image: metaljar

Don’t think we have EVER given an 11/10 for breakie before… and if our coffees came a little bit sooner, it would have been.
So 9/10

WOW! We both had the Arabian Eggs (from a very small menu)

They were sensational – best egg breakfast we’ve had in the past 3 years, probably.

This tiny cafe is right on the wharf at Kirribilli. Make a choice… catch a ferry or eat… decisions, decisions!

A tiny, but really interesting menu – see it here

It’s a great location, right next to Admiralty House


Robyn had a red hot crack at re-creating Arabian eggs – damn good!

Image: metaljar

Image: metaljar

Image: metaljar

Image: metaljar

Image: metaljar

Image: metaljar

Image: metaljar

Image: metaljar

Image: metaljar

Image: metaljar

Image: metaljar

Image: metaljar

Image: metaljar

Image: metaljar

A workmate of Robyn’s knows a helicopter pilot.
Through her, John from HeliScenic helicopter tours out of Bankstown Airport had offered us a great deal on a flight over the beaches, from Palm Beach in the north down to Cronulla, following the walk along the coast we did last year.
What a great week H!

Until John rang early Saturday morning as we were heading out to Bankstown, advising us that the low cloud meant we wouldn’t have the best experience and that we should postpone. Spending a small fortune for anything less than 100%… pretty easy decision… we postponed.

While sitting at a cafe in Eastwood having a coffee, a few suggestions from friends included

  • a trip to Hurstville
  • a visit to Palm beach to see the set of Home and Away (noice work, Mark Williamson!)
  • High tea
  • Haberfield
  • Hazelbrook
  • Hogwarts
  • Hang gliding or Hover crafting on the Hawkesbury
Photo: metaljar

Photo: metaljar

UTS Rowers has rebuilt the clubhouse at Haberfield, so we headed over there on Sunday morning for breakfast.

A pretty limited menu in a venue that is so obviously run by people who run a club, not a cafe or restaurant!
Here’s a few tips for the good folks at UTS Rowers Club…

  1. When you enter and sign in, offer a coffee when you stand there, point and say “Sit anywhere you want.:
  2. Approach said people sitting there and tell them the reason you are being completely ignored is because you need to order from the bar.
  3. Offer a menu! (“They’re at the bar. Help yourself”)
  4. Offer a bottle of water. (“At the bar. Help yourself”)
  5. Just because I’m wearing a fetching pink polo shirt, ha e a look before walking up to the table and declaring “Hello ladies. Everything all right?”

A great deck to sit, eat, drink and watch the world go by, but we won’t be hurrying back. There’s better value and experiences all over the inner west.

Photo: metaljar

Photo: metaljar


imageWeek 7… really happy with the idea for this weekend.

Initially we toyed with the idea of touring the new UTS Gehry (crumpled paper bag) building, but after some investigation during the week learnt that it wouldn’t be open this weekend. Perhaps in 37 weeks or so!

Last year, while walking the inner harbour foreshore, we caught a ferry to Watsons Bay from Circular Quay. On the way there, it made stop at Garden Island. This surprised us, as we had always thought that Garden Island was closed to the public.

Photo: metaljar

Photo: metaljar

After a little investigation we learnt that about 10 years ago, the northern point of the island was opened to the public with the building of the Royal Australian Navy Heritage Centre, the official museum of the Royal Australian Navy, which opened in 2005.

The Heritage Centre includes a museum and some heritage buildings. The museum has some fascinating exhibits – stuff about the Japanese midget submarines that attacked Sydney Harbour during World War II etc.

The public part of the island is only accessible via ferry. It’s Crown [Navy] land and is a fully functioning base. Every arrival is met at the wharf by a security guard who’s been there for 11 years and is both a font of knowledge and a bit of a know-it-all!

The cafe, museum and gardens are open between 10am and 4pm each day.

We caught a ferry from Huntley’s Point (Riverside Girls’ High) to Circular Quay, and then changed there for the Watsons Bay Ferry. We arrived a bit late so didn’t spend hours and hours there.

Entry is free. The museum is really well laid out with some interesting stuff, all well labelled so making your way ’round the exhibits is easy.

There’s some initials carved into an exposed rock with a 1788 date making it the oldest settlement artifact on the east coast of Australia. The signal tower (an easy couple of flights of stairs) gives a terrific view of Sydney, Kings Cross and the harbour

View from the top of the signal tower Image: metaljar

View from the top of the signal tower
Image: metaljar

We just had a coffee at the cafe and didn’t really look at the menu.

I think it’s the sort of place that Probus clubs and the like might go during the week. I’ll enjoy going back one day.

Once again, we both commented that when you hear overseas visitors commenting on what a beautiful city Sydney is, they’re right. There’s so much to discover in out own back yard, and it’s really quite cool to be doing things here that we’ve never done before.

Garden Island Info website

Ferry timetable (you can ONLY access the public areas of Garden Island by ferry.)

Image: metaljar

Image: metaljar

View from the top of the signal tower

Image: metaljar

Image: metaljar

And the periscope actually works! 360 degree view of the harbour.
 image OK. I will

Image: metaljar

Image: metaljar

An historic 18′ skiff at Clarke Island
 IMG_0036 Beautiful Port Jackson Fig
IMG_0033 Simply gorgeous!
 IMG_0026 Signal Tower
IMG_0025 Signal Tower
 IMG_0045 From near the wharf

Weekend #6 means something starting with the letter F.

Neither of us had ever caught the ferry up the Parramatta River beyond Meadowbank.

Photo: metaljar

Photo: metaljar

We parked the car at Meadowbank and caught the 9am ferry up the river, past Rhodes (no ferry stop there… all that new high rise? Why not?), a stop at The Armory near the Olympic site near Silverwater (great cafe and [crowded] playground there BTW) and then a slower (7 knots – no wash) trip up to Parramatta going past Clyde, the back of UTS and past Rydalmere.

Breakfast at the cafe right at the ferry terminus and then a ferry back an hour later. Nice way to start the day.


Photo: metaljar

Just a thought, though…
It’s a beautiful, cloudless summer’s day. The ferry is heading from Parramatta to the city. Do you think there might be a lot of people catching it in to spend the day in the city at Darling Harbour and Circular Quay? Especially on the $2.50 Opal card Sunday fare.

The ferry was chockers by the time it picked up another hundred on the wharf at Meadowbank. It will have then cruised stright past all and sundry at Putney and Gladesville etc. We know… we’ve watched the ferry go straight past us before.

Come on Gladys, there’s a creative solution to this problem. Please put some thought into it.

IMG_3692 Looking up the river
 IMG_3690 Near Armory Wharf
IMG_3691 Heading towards Parramatta
IMG_3695 Breakfast at Port Bar Cafe
IMG_3689 #JustWashedMyHair