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An early morning ride along the Alexandria Canal from Tempe to Alexandria.

Enjoyed breakfast at The Grounds cafe. 

Not really what could be described as a scenic ride… it is along a canal and beside an airport after all, but still, a bit of blue on the map to fill in, and breaking at an institution such as The Grounds… well, any excuse will do!





The local councils have done a terrific job building a great bike path along the Cooks River from near Strathfield down to the airport.

We’ve walked and ridden bits of this before, but not some of today’s route, and not this year.

Here and here.

And THIS we saw on the way home. What a fabulous idea!


A great day… until we broke down driving home 😦


A beautiful, late winter’s day; a bike ride along the cycleway beside the Cooks River from Canterbury north to Rookwood, towards Homebush Olympics site, and back.


But seriously, fishing in this pretty polluted river? Hope he doesn’t have a seafood restaurant!


Beautiful sunny Sunday morning for a bike ride around the waterfront of the inner west, through Drummoyne, Russell Lea, Chiswick, Abbotsford, Five Dock and Canada Bay.

Past the site of the old Nestle Factory too.The original house is still there as you can see in the pics below.



After an early morning airport drop-off, a sunrise walk along part of the Cooks River this morning. Pretty impressive what the councils along this river have done to clean it up and make it somewhere you might want to walk.



By the Cooks River near Dulwich Hill


By the Cooks River near Dulwich Hill


Breakfast at Shenkin at Erskinville. Great Israeli food.

After last week’s little mosey along the Cook’s River from Tempe, we went back there and headed the other way. Turning left at Tempe Station and heading towards the airport, while I guess we didn’t expect to find pristine waters to swim and fish in that close to the airport, we were nonetheless surprised to see some pretty substantial waterfront developments being built around Wolli Creek. If they keep cleaning the river up it’ll be an attractive real estate investment methinks.

And we really didn’t think we’d be enjoying a drink at a club on the Cook’s River… we know where we’ll head for breakfast near the airport next time. Was quite nice!


Plenty of development at Wolli Creek


Disappointing… no fishing in the canal 😉 (Frankly, I’ve heard that lead poisoning isn’t as bad as they make out)


There’s a few nice parks and playgrounds and BBQs along the path


Wolli Creek, and “The Rowers” club on the river.


Shelter shed – you could shoot a 70’s movie in some of these places!


Fishing. Unbelievable!


A hard earned drink at “The Rowers”


The path goes right up to Sydney International Airport


Week 20 ~ T is for Tempe

Posted: May 17, 2015 in Walking
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Tempe. Industrial Sydney. My father in law caught the train each day here to work in the Department of Civil
Aviation workshops at nearby Marrickville for probably 30 years.
We are quite probably in the majority of Sydney residents… who knew you could own a 200 metre deep river
front property just 2 or 3 kilometres from the airport?
OK, the Cooks River isn’t the Riviera, but still; the river’s gradually being cleaned up I’m sure and I could
live there. Parks, huge blocks, cafes… nice.  A great morning 🙂

Tempe Railway Station. Fabulous handicapped parking... just need a lift.

Tempe Railway Station. Fabulous handicapped parking… just need a lift.