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Fathers’ Day. A great start to the day, walking from Mowbray Rd to near the Hunters Hill Hotel before lunch at Skiffies At The Spit with kids +

Gorgeous weather again.


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Another beautiful Sydney day… spring is coming!

A great walk from Riverview school, around some very extravagant houses at Linley Point with amazing views of the harbour, through bushland up the Lane Cove River to Mowbray Rd.


Beautiful sunny Sunday morning for a bike ride around the waterfront of the inner west, through Drummoyne, Russell Lea, Chiswick, Abbotsford, Five Dock and Canada Bay.

Past the site of the old Nestle Factory too.The original house is still there as you can see in the pics below.



Displayed in various places around St Ignatius’ College, Riverview are signs advising that they welcome visitors to enjoy walking through their grounds. What a pleasant surprise!

We started below the college and walked up through the bush to the top ovals, then made our way through the grounds past beautiful, quiet, contemplative spaces down to the river.

A path along the riverfront, past various rowing boat sheds, sailing clubs, scout halls, parks, marshy swamp and ferry wharves eventually leads to and links up with streets in Northwood.



An early start before a busy weekend with things to do, places to be and people to see.

A short walk along through some streets and bush tracks, no waterfront.
















We are definitely making progress!


A really pretty, beautifully maintained, walk through the bush from the end of Ford St to Bob Campbell Oval


Love this tree root.


Looking across to Woolwich

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After parking, we walked to the base of the ANZAC Bridge where we had walked some weeks ago  and walked around the water’s edge to the bridge, completing that bit of the loop.

Breakie at Zebra Lounge along the way, and a coffee on one of the finger wharves before walking past the new Barangaroo urban development, we finished up at The Rocks where Sydney’s annual Aroma Coffee festival was running.

Great day.


Overcast and showery for a walk today through Putney towards Gladesville.
A real mix of houses, some beautiful, some ugly, others huge and some obviously just sitting on a goldmine by the water and refusing to waste a cent on any renovation or work before selling for demolition in the future.

Who knew that the original James Squire Bewery, Australia’s first brewery, was in Ryde, eh? Well, Putney. Where the red spot is below.

A lot of this walk was along the waterfront and through parks… nice.





Lovely afternoon sun for a walk through a historic part of Hunters Hill.

How ridiculous there are no apostrophes in place names any more because people don’t know how to use them. Grrr


A windy walk around Pulpit Point today.

What a mixture… contemporary town houses, Southern Belle mansions, garish, horribly painted abominations, red brick originals, massive older houses on huge blocks and some new steel and glass.

We’d manage to live there, though; hell of a location!


Another short walk around the Woolwich peninsular, this time on a rainy winter morning.

Some stunning houses.