I’ve said this a number of times before – I’ve lived around here for 40 odd years and never been for a walk through here.

I don’t think we have ever seen so many termite nests!

Dawson Ave, Thornleigh

Posted: July 26, 2020 in dogs, Sydney
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Indie had a great romp in the fenced, off-leash dog park before we headed off for a walk.


There’s a great path right around the lagoon at Narrabeen on Sydney’s northern beaches.

A busy path, lots of walkers and bike riders.

7 or 8 kilometres.

We’ve walked by a hundred times, but never actually entered.

What a mistake!

Sydney Park is huge, with heaps of off leash areas, and an interesting history.

A plane! Rarely seen in COVID-19 during 2020!



Ron Payne Park

Posted: July 26, 2020 in Sydney Streets

At Nth Epping, Ron Payne Park is the old Woods Reserve.

It’s a fenced football oval that’s off leash for dogs when not in use (i.e. the entire year during COVID-19!

We had a great run on the oval, and then a nice walk around the streets.

Ku-ring-gai Bicentennial Park

Posted: July 26, 2020 in dogs
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Yanko Road at West Pymble, has a great fenced-in off leash dog area on the Comenarra Parkway, and the Bicentennial Park is adjacent.

A lovely spot for a walk.

Challinor St

Posted: July 1, 2020 in Sydney Streets

So, we finally were in the Grafton area so were able to wander down Challinor St, knocking off one of the few streets left from 2018.

(I know, the spelling isn’t perfect, but the NBN site spells it with a double L, as does the sign in the other pic, as well as Google Maps. Hey, it’ll do for now.)

Lynne would feel right at home here… the gaol is just down the road hehe!


Lived in this area for years and didn’t know about this lovely little sanctuary, littered with possum boxes, bird nesting boxes and more.


Running just near the train line, opposite Sommerville Oval.






In the 1830s, the first road connecting the colony of Sydney to the Hunter Valley ran along this creek.
Beautiful Sydney Blue Gum, Blackbutt and Turpentine can be seen along the walk.
There’s a waterfall and pool – it doesn’t take much to imagine it being a swimming hole back in the day.
We’ll continue towards Browns Waterhole on another weekend.

map 2
















Lachlan’s Line Helix Bridge

Posted: June 8, 2020 in Sydney

We’ve watched this helix pedestrian bridge take shape over the past year or so. It was built in a shed beside the M2 near Macquarie Centre and connects the new Lachlan’s Line development to Nth Ryde station.

Function doesn’t have to be boring. Love it.